From: Gwendoline Gibbs <>
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2013 17:18:20 +0300
Subject: Our Brand new play is rocking the markets.

In Gold Investing, Forget the Metal and Focus on Stocks! Shares of
major firms lagged behind the value of physical gold less than the
valuation of gold reserves. The difference is the largest ever
noticed, analysts report. By: WSJ

Trade Date: February 11th
Ticker: GGS_M
Buy it at: 0.05
Short Term Target Price: $0.20

GGS_M geological delivered on the JV business about 251000 ounces of
gold. If gold to decrease to $1300 per ounce, this will be valuated
above $387 million to GGS_M! Production value for GGS_M at $725 per
oz, above $208'000'000 in gross revenue. Ghana is known for
multi-party democracy. Ghana persists to advance in its democratic
values. It owns major national economic improvements and the country
is known as one of the most politically balanced in Africa! Solid
Management: Martin Hall is a renown, well reputable and respected
international entrepreneur! On Feb 11th - ADD GGS_M up to 15 cents!!!

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