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Subject: Re: Our Unmatched 3D Printing Processes


Our  3D printing service provides high-quality processes for manufacturing high precision, and custom 3D printed parts at a lower cost, with on-time reliable delivery, from prototyping to functional production parts.

1. SLA

Stereolithography (SLA) offers unparalleled precision, creating intricate 3D models. RapidDirect ensures high standards, emphasizing the fine detailing and superb surface finishes unique to SLA.

2. SLS

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) produces 3D parts quickly with impressive accuracy. At RapidDirect, rigorous standards guarantee durable, detailed, and true-to-design outcomes with SLS.

3. FDM

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) meticulously builds 3D models layer by layer. RapidDirect champions affordability without compromising on FDM’s precision, ensuring top-notch quality at every turn.

PFMOLD’s custom 3D printing service can move your design, and prototyping to production printed parts within a day. Bring unmatched quality products to market faster.

1.Concept Models

It is the optimal solution for those seeking to rapidly create and test multiple design variations, offering efficiency and adaptability in the short term.

2.Rapid Prototypes

3D printed visual and functional prototypes allows you to try out different colors, materials, size, shapes, and more, which helps improve the final product.

3.Production Parts

3D printing is a great technique for quickly creating complex, custom & low-volume productionparts without costly tooling.

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