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Date: Fri, 19 May 2023 01:59:57 +0800
Subject: RE: 40.96kwh all in one Home Energy Storage System 10 Years cycle life <19/05/2023 01:59>

Hi ,

We are a Factory integrated R&D and production, specializing in lithium battery energy storage system solutions and products with 13 years experience

Recommend you our new product
40.96kwh(Max) all in one High Voltage / Low Voltage Home Energy Storage System 

  • Modular stacking design, max 8 modules. 
  • Flexible matching with 5.12kwh per modular, scalable from 5.12kwh to 40.96kwh
  • LifePo4 Batteries 10 Years cycle life
  • Perfect for: Self-powered home, Electric Vehicle Range Extension, Backup and Emergency Power, Home energy control

And a serie of products 

  • Portable Power station
  • Rack Type Energy Storage
  • Touring Car Energy Storage
  • 12V/24V Lead Acid Replacement Battery
  • 20000mAh 100W Super Fast Charging Power Bank
  • Can I send you the catalogue?

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Carrie Xiao

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